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Miller PipeWorx 400

Optimized for pipe fabrication shops. Quick Process Changeover no need to manually switch.

Miller BIGBLUE 400X Pro

Designed with the professional in mind, the Big Blue 400 Pro is the best for ease of use, reliability and fuel economy.

Miller BIGBLUE 500X

Clean, quiet, Multiprocess machine delivers up to 500 amps of welding power.

Miller Big Blue 350 PipePro®

Engine Driven welder 20-400A with CAT engine, specially developed for pipe fitters.

SubArc Digital application

Submerged Arc Welding is a very productive process with an electric arc under a layer of powdered flux

Proheat 35

Low energy use pre-heating and heat treatment

Miller Si 160 PFC

Inverter stick power source, 4 - 150A, 230V - 1-Phase

Miller STi 203

Portable stick inverter 5-200A, 400V 3-Phase

Miller STi 270

Electrode cellulose inverter 5-270A, 400V, 3-phase

Miller Bluethunder series

Industrial stick welding machines 50-420A, 230/380-520V, 3-Phase