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Miller BIGBLUE 500X

Clean, quiet, Multiprocess machine delivers up to 500 amps of welding power.

Miller Big Blue 350 PipePro®

Engine Driven welder 20-400A with CAT engine, specially developed for pipe fitters.

Miller Si 160 PFC

Inverter stick power source, 4 - 150A, 230V - 1-Phase

Miller STi 203

Portable stick inverter 5-200A, 400V 3-Phase

Miller STi 270

Electrode cellulose inverter 5-270A, 400V, 3-phase

Miller Bluethunder series

Industrial stick welding machines 50-420A, 230/380-520V, 3-Phase

Miller Goldstar Series

Stick Industrial welding machine 20-590A, 380/400/440V, 3-Phase

Miller STH 160L

Portable TIG inverter, 5-160A, 230V, 1-Phase

Miller STH 270

Puls TIG inverter 5-270A, 400V 3-Phase

Miller Maxstar 210 DX

Pulsed TIG inverter 5-210A, Autoline 120-480V 1 or 3 Phases