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Heavy-Industrial wirefeeders S-74S, D-74D, S-74DX, S-74 MPa, D-74Mpa

Continuum single feeder

To use with the new Continuum Power Sources 350 and 500

Stel Iron Mig 221

Compact lightweight and practical design makes the portable 230V IRON MIG 221 – 221P

Stel dp 221Hpa AC-DC

TIG Inverter with HF-ignition 4-220A, 230V monophase

Stel dp 181H

The Inverter Welding Power Source TIG dp 181H concentrates excellent weld performance.

Stel Sky 156

Entry-level electrode weld inverter, 5-120A, 230V, 1-phase.

Stel Max 142

Compact electrode weld inverter, 5-150A, 230V 1-phase

Stel Max 191 PFC

Compact electrode inverter 5-160A, 150-290V, 1-phase

Stel Max dp 201C

Compacte electrode inverter 4 - 200 A, 230V, 1-Phase

Stel Max 223C PL

Deze inverter is speciaal ontwikkeld voor de pijplijn industrie.