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mobile and stationary electric and diesel air compressors.

EPSi 1000

Silenced INVERTER generating set with Honda engine

Standaard luchtgekoeld, Benzine

With aircooled gasoline engine, 2,2 - 20kVA

Semi-geluidgedemt Mong run

With Honda aircooled gasoline motor, 3 - 15kVA

Standaard luchtgekoeld, Diesel

Europower standard generating sets with Hatz and Yanmar air-cooled diesel engines, 3000rpm, 50Hz, 4 stroke

Super-geluidgedemt luchtgekoeld

super-silenced generating set,air-cooled engines 2,5 - 15kVA

Super-geluidsgedemt watergekoeld

From 7 to 33kVA with Kubota watercooled dieselmotor, 3000tpm

Super-geluidsgedemt watergekoeld 1500

Super-silenced from 7,5 till 44kVA with Kubota dieselmotor, 1500tpm

Open stroomaggregaten

open power generator from 85 to 250kVA, 1500tpm


Silenced Power generator with Volvo watercooled dieselmotor, 1500tpm, 50Hz, 4-stroke